CSL in the Press

Mentions of the Center for Services Leadership in media, online news sites and publications.

Today Money, December 10, 2013 Consumers have had enough, ‘rage survey’ says

CBS New York, November 8, 2013 Competing Through Better Service (audio report by Joe Connolly)

Arizona Horizon – Eight, Arizona PBS, November 27, 2013 Customer Rage Study interview with Ted Simons (video interview)

ASU news, November 26, 2013 New customer-rage study out for holiday shopping season

Arizona Republic, Jun 4, 2013 U-Haul chief is ready to talk

knowWPC, February 16, 2012 Moving from Products to Services: The Six Big Challenges

knowWPC, December 21, 2012 Growth Strategy Through Customer Service: Honeywell Aerospace Ups the Ante

ASU news, November 19, 2012 New program helps companies offer better customer service

In Business, November 2012 Services Is Growth Focus of Business

Holiday Shopping Can Bring Customer-Service Worries

CBS 5 News, November 2011 A little respect: Angry American consumers not asking for much

Management INK, September 11, 2012 JSR Welcomes New Editor Mary Jo Bitner

ASU news, October 19, 2011 Center for Services Leadership shares lessons with ASU Business and Finance team

The Wall Street Journal, September 22, 2010 How to Keep Your Cool in Angry Times

Journal of Service Research, January 18, 2010 Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities for the Science of Service

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