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Development of New B2B Solutions: Results of a Benchmarking Survey

Earlier this year Solutions Insights Inc. conducted a benchmarking survey designed to better understand the issues that B2B companies face in developing new solutions. The survey explored the following questions:

•    Current importance and relevance of solutions
•    Identification of the stakeholders who are involved
•    Key processes required
•    The level of process standardization
•    General challenges that solutions developers face

The Center for Services Leadership and the Institute for the Study of Business Management at Penn State invited their professional network of members and followers to take part in the survey. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. The slideshow presents the highlights of the survey findings courtesy of Solutions Insights Inc.

Using Text Mining for Customer Feedback

Great to see new research that’s happening on the intersection of multiple disciplines. With large amounts of data that companies are accumulating through various communication channels, finding new methods and metrics for timely and accurate analysis is becoming more and more critical. This research tested a new framework that allows to automate the analysis of customer feedback through a text mining model. The article is currently available free on Journal of Service Research website.

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[We’re pleased to welcome Francisco Villarroel Ordenes, who is one of five collaborating authors on the article “Analyzing Customer Experience Feedback Using Text Mining: A Linguistics-Based Approach”from Journal of Service Research.]

The Big Data phenomenon is not only about exponential growth of customer data, but about new and challenging data structures such as textual information which require new methods and metrics to facilitate 02JSR13_Covers.inddanalysis. Customer experience feedback, usually found in platforms such as social media, e-mails and feedback forms represents a form of complicated data structure which is challenging organizations to develop new methods for its timely and consistent analysis. Our paper, “Analyzing Customer Experience Feedback Using Text Mining: A Linguistics-Based Approach”, is the result of a collaborative effort between Marketing and Information Systems researchers. We develop a Case Study with a UK service organization which receives more than 10000 comments of customer experience feedback per month. In…

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Is Joint Achievement of Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency Beneficial in Merger Contexts?

Merger may provide the right opportunity to improve both customer satisfaction and efficiency while maximizing shareholder value.

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[Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to welcome Vanitha Swaminathan, who collaborated with Christopher Groening, Vikas Mittal, and Felipe Thomaz on their paper “How Achieving the Dual Goal of Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency in Mergers Affects a Firm’s Long-Term Financial Performance” from the May issue of Journal of Service Research.]

02JSR13_Covers.indd• What inspired you to be interested in this topic?
This paper began by looking at the often repeated assertion that mergers lead to reductions in customer satisfaction. While one may believe this to be the case, there is evidence that customer satisfaction improvements actually increase financial value…which led us to ask the question, would managers wishing to maximize shareholder value reduce their focus on customer satisfaction in a merger? Following this, we wondered if a focus on both customer satisfaction and efficiency improves shareholder value even more in a merger context.

• Were there findings that were surprising to you?

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