Monthly Archives: February 2014

Human Resources: Strategic Partner for Services

By Bob Giacometti

Traditionally, the role of Personnel, as Human Resources (HR) was once known, centered more on administrative and support activities such as hiring and transferring, maintaining employee records, and administering appraisal, compensation, benefits, equal opportunity, and other employee relations programs. While important, many HR teams still operate outside of the strategic planning process and business operations.

As more products became commoditized, shrinking profit margins, many companies such as Avnet, Dell, DuPont, EMC2, HP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, Oracle, Siemens, Xerox and others, began offering fee-based services and client solutions for growth and higher profits. Working with these and other clients, The INSIGHT Group developed unique perspectives on the cultural, organizational, and business process changes required for success in services – along with a more active role for HR – a role integrated with the strategic and operational fabric of the services business. This blog post shares highlights from The INSIGHT Group’s White Paper that explores this new strategic partner role for HR. Continue reading