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How to Influence Patients, and Clients, to “DIY”

kathryn_k_eaton                                      By Kathryn K. Eaton

Over the last year, I have had the remarkable opportunity to work with the Obesity Solutions Initiative, which is a collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University.  My work with this outstanding team of people has been varied and challenging, but my background in marketing has been a perfect fit for this endeavor.

When the Center for Services Leadership asked me to write a blog series about my experience working in obesity, I jumped at the chance. I feel that what I have learned here can be translated to many firm activities that take place today.

Obesity is an interesting challenge because I have to sell my “customers” the idea of health, and I have to sell this idea so well that these customers are willing to do something that they don’t really want to do in order to achieve it. This is similar to the research I did for my dissertation, where I worked with an energy company to sell the idea of mindfully reducing power consumption in the home in favor of the greater good. Continue reading