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Putting Customers at Ease: The Patient’s Point of View

DoctorBy Andrew S. Gallan

Sally, a married 54-year-old mother of two teenage girls, had just returned from her mammogram follow-up appointment with a troubled look on her face. “What’s the matter?” asked her husband of 25 years. “Again, something showed up, so I have to go for another mammogram and some additional tests,” she responded. This second round of examinations had confirmed abnormal results in her breast tissue. As a result, she was referred by her primary care physician, a nice woman about her age whom she had seen for about 15 years, to a specialist at a local hospital. Although Sally thankfully had never been there before, she knew it had a good reputation for women’s health issues. Continue reading

Put Your Customers to Work? Not So Fast!

By Lan XiaLan_Xia

With the support of new technologies, companies are gradually realizing the importance and benefits of co-creation, where the value of a service is increasingly co-created by the firm and the customer. Consumers are increasingly put to work for the services they demand, from carrying their own food in fast-food restaurants to creating product design ideas and Super Bowl commercials. Consumers become more and more involved in the production process as “prosumers” who produce and consume at the same time. As co-creation tends to enhance customer satisfaction, as well as reduce firms’ operating costs, why not? Continue reading