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Center for Services Leadership Presents the 24th Annual Compete Through Service Symposium

AZBusCompete Through Service Symposium featured in AZ Business Magazine:  “Now in its 24th year, the Compete Through Service Symposium, hosted by the Center for Services Leadership at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University,  brings together the most innovative business minds and visionary thought leaders in engaging, enlightening environment to share ideas that are certain to inspire you.”

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Targeting Gen Y? Look Before You Leap

By Ruth N. Bolton

Ruth BoltonGen Y, or the Millennials, are frequently described as narcissistic compared with previous generations; they “want it all” and “want it now.”  Yet, we are also told that they have higher levels of civic engagement – just look at the Arab Spring! Can both be true? Is it even possible to compare Gen Y to previous generations? How do we separate fact from speculation? Finally, is this debate useful to managers in the service sector?

Marketing mavens tell us that members of Gen Y are savvy “digital natives” who grew up using digital and interactive services. Some prognosticators argue that Gen Y’s social media use and consequent behavior foreshadows the future behavior of all consumers. These claims seem all too plausible when we see toddlers fearlessly swiping at their parents’ iPhones in airport lounges!

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Moving from Firefighting to Prevention Using the Voice of the Customer

VOCUp to 30% of service workload is preventable. An effective VOC process  can drive workload prevention efforts as well as support increased First  Call Resolution. In this webcast, John Goodman, Vice Chairman, Customer Care Measurement and Consulting Research, discusses how VOC process can impact both the service function and instigates improvement of other company processes. Keys to success are identifying a broader range of causes, linking contact data to operations data and obtaining strong CFO support.